Services provided:


Social Services are the instrument that our City Council, supported by the Ministry of Social Welfare and the Provincial Council, offers to all citizens in order to improve their quality of life.

The Social Services are aimed at the entire population of our municipality and include those resources, actions and benefits aimed at helping people and social groups to solve their most urgent problems and needs, creating and obtaining adequate resources to improve their quality. of life and integration into the social environment to which they belong,


Management and Procedures


In the Department of Social Services we offer information, guidance and advice, as well as the management and processing of the demands of the following resources:

  • Family or permanent foster care.
  • International adoption – National adoption.
  • Long distance transport card for the elderly.
  • Cultural card for the elderly.
  • Reduction of telephone rate for pensioners and retirees.
  • Retirement Home: application for admission to centers.
  • Holiday program for seniors of the Generalitat Valenciana.
  • IMSERSO trips for pensioners and retirees.
  • Stays in spas in the Valencian Community (Valencian Thermalism Program).
  • Stays in spas in different autonomous communities (IMSERSO Social Thermalism Program).
  • Telecare service.
  • Application for registration or renewal of the Large Family title.
  • Application for mobility allowance and compensation for transport expenses of LISMI (law of social integration for the disabled).
  • Parking card for vehicles transporting people with reduced mobility.
  • Application for admission to a residence for the disabled.
  • Application for the recognition of disabled people.
  • Holiday and spa program for people with disabilities.
  • Health cards.
  • Processing of the POR (Regulated Economic Benefit) benefit – Individualized economic benefits – Aid for the solidarity rental of housing for disadvantaged groups.
  • Free time stays for women with family responsibilities.
  • Center for women. Application for admission.
  • Application for home help.
  • Judicial measures – Family mediation – Follow-up of cases of family intervention.
  • Recognition of the situation of dependency.
  • Reports of social roots and family reunification.
  • General information.

Social welfare counseling


Technical file Social Services


– 2 Social Workers.

– 1 Social Educator.

– 2 Home Helpers.

– 1 TAPIS monitor-psychologist.


Social Center. La Bassa street s / n

Phone. 965 75 65 49



Monday to Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Thursday and Friday by appointment.


Programs and Services


It is a service that provides information, guidance and advice on existing rights and resources for the entire population and for specific sectors.


It consists of providing help at the beneficiary’s own home, offering a series of domestic, social, educational and rehabilitation staff…

Requirements: comply with the conditions for the granting of the service established in the Municipal Regulation of the Home Help Service published in the BOP no. 157 of July 13, 2005.


They are financial aid to people in need in order to cover basic needs, housing expenses and exceptional expenses.

Requirements: in accordance with the provisions of the Order calling for aid for the current financial year of the Ministry of Social Welfare, which regulates and calls for aid in the field of Social Services.


Within the Plan of Measures of Social Insertion are economic benefits whose objective is to guarantee a minimum income to natural persons who do not have means of subsistence and in which risk factors concur, in order to support and favor their social integration. labor.

Requirements: to be registered in any municipality of the Valencian Community one year in advance. Be over 25 and under 65. Not having an income that exceeds the amount of the PER.


It is a telephone helpline in the event of any emergency or risk situation that occurs within the home, guaranteeing immediate attention. It is aimed at the elderly, sick or disabled who live or spend most of the day alone.


This program consists of preventive intervention and treatment of families, individuals, minors, young people or groups in situations of risk, providing professional help for the resolution of their conflicts and promoting insertion in social media.


This program is aimed at children between 5 and 16 years of age who have absenteeism throughout their compulsory schooling (primary and secondary). The main goal of this program is to prevent prolonged absences from classrooms. It consists of a coordinated intervention between different institutions: school, social, police, prosecution… in order to prevent and treat truancy.


The activity of the TAPIS is aimed at the disabled and the mentally ill of Gata de Gorgos, of legal age, in order to support them for their socio-labor insertion.


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