Civil Protection is a group of volunteers who support the professional bodies of the Local Police, Fire and others who could ask for their help in case of catastrophes and emergencies, and in cases of crowds.

These volunteers do not receive any remuneration, their dedication being totally voluntary.

The contact telephone number for the Gata Civil Protection volunteer group (AVPCG) is the same as the Local Police 965 75 74 32.

Remember that the emergency telephone number is 112.

Remember that if anyone wants to be part of the AVPCG, you can contact the Councilor for Civil Protection, by calling the City Council (965 75 60 89) or asking the Local Police.




Telf. 965 75 74 32

Emergencies: 112



More information:



Technical file Civil protection

Direction C/ Duquesa de Almodovar, Nº 3, 03740, Gata de Gorgos (Alicante)
Phone 965 75 60 89 (de l’Ajuntament)
Equipment One car
Alertes Phones 112 and 965 75 74 32
Cap / Responsible  
Schedule Uninterrupted
Public service
    • Response time to any request for urgent action, at any point in the municipality with arrival at the scene in a maximum time of 10 minutes.
    • Intervention in actions related to public safety registered in the criminal field with a participation rate of 60%.
    • Intervention in actions related to public safety registered in the administrative field with a participation percentage of 70%.
    • Care and careful treatment in all actions that affect citizens with a satisfaction rate of 70% with special support for victims who need help, advice on procedures to follow and information on municipal services available to them.
    • Resolution at the District Police Station of all types of complaints, suggestions and information with an efficiency ratio of 80%. Collection, in a maximum waiting time of 5 minutes, of Complaints and Suggestions as well as those made in Public Roads, setting a maximum response period for the interested party of 15 days.
    • Personalized telephone service from the District Police Station resolving non-urgent requirements with a satisfaction rate of 80%, with total confidentiality and with the possibility of access to other emergency services.
    • Prevention and improvement of security through a commitment to patrol on foot in the central hours of the morning and afternoon, collecting all those suggestions from neighbors regarding Municipal incidents.


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