Services provided:


We want you to tell us about your business projects and to be able to collaborate with you.

The Gorgos Cat Creama Agency opens its doors to help anyone who needs our collaboration, whether employers, entrepreneurs or people in a situation of unemployment.

The priority objective of the Creama Gata Local Development Agency is to support all personal and / or business initiatives to increase the economic and social development of the municipality, and thus improve the social welfare of citizens.

We want to answer your questions and advise you to carry out new business projects.





Staff: Rosa M. Alemany Rodrigo

Address : Social Center. – C / La Bassa, s / n – Tel. 965 75 62 63 – Fax. 965 75 66 35


Hours: Monday through Friday, 9-14 p.m.


Areas of work:


– Training: aimed at both job seekers and workers who want to improve their training.

– Creation and maintenance of companies: The main function of this service is advice and guidance, both for entrepreneurs who come to Creama with a project, with an idea or business initiative, and for entrepreneurs who intend to maintain , improve or change its economic activity.

– Socio-Labor Insertion: This service aims to guide and support the job seeker in the job search.

– Promotion and Regional Development:

  • Design and implement programs aimed at making the most of local socio-economic resources.
  • Promote new alternatives that contribute to employment growth.
  • Attract financial resources – whether local, national or community – to implement different programs.

Who is going to Creama? Everyone who needs guidance on the labor market, has an idea to set up a company, needs training in a professional field, finds problems with employment.

We are willing to listen to any initiative or idea because we have the ability to help focus on each project. We have a proven professional experience, we have the means and we know the ways.

We are waiting for you because we all have the same goal, because together we make the region prosper.


What is CREAMA?

History of CREAMA

In November 2004, the hiring of the Local Employment and Development Agent began and an office was set up to be able to start offering you the basic services of a Local Development Agency. In addition, on March 1, 2005 we joined the Consortium for the Economic Recovery of Marina Alta (CREAMA), and finally on April 11, 2005, our office was inaugurated by the President of the Hon. . Provincial Council of Alicante.

A new Agency is currently being set up within the Social Center, which will have two offices to be able to offer new services, such as the Center Associated with SERVEF, which is intended to be installed soon.


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