After several meetings, the Commission of Kings and the Department of Festivities of the City of Gata have agreed that the Mystery of Kings of Gata that is represented every year on January 5 will not be held in 2021.

The Coronavirus pandemic makes it impossible to perform with the security measures that the current situation demands for both participants and the public.

However, this festival with a deep-rooted tradition in the village, which this year would celebrate its 53rd edition, cannot go unnoticed by the Gata neighborhood. That’s why parallel activities have been proposed to keep the magic of the Cat Kings alive and reinvent some of what was already being done.

Thus, the collection of letters this year will be more magical, if any, as the royal viziers will roam the streets of the village, on the evening of December 27 from 18 h, collecting letters from girls and boys from house to house.

The royal messengers will not miss the appointment on the evening of January 4, announcing the arrival of the three Kings of the East.

The evening of January 5 will also maintain one of the peculiarities of the feast of Kings of Gata, as it will be done door-to-door distribution of packages taking all necessary measures to do so safely.

In addition, the Department of Festivities of the City of Gata is preparing surprises to experience the party from the inside and keep alive the magic of the Mystery of Kings of Gata.






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