Located in the Alcolaes area, practically touching the village of Gata, we can find the famous OLIVERETA DEL MORO, so named by the people of the village.

The land where it is, entered the Islamic time within the dominions of the term of the Ocaive, and explains the legend that the Olive tree was planted in the Islamic time, and therefore of there the name of Olivereta of the Moor , and so much has been the admiration for her that not a single man has had the courage to cut her.

L’Olivereta has a trunk of quite spectacular dimensions, as it has a base perimeter of 10.5 meters, a height of 5.4 meters and a canopy area of ​​46 meters.

Behind the Oliveta we find a house or warehouse also linked to the Muslim era, as its date of construction ranges from the years 700-1300. It is built of stones, cement, lime and sand, and is shaped like a barrel curve and all kinds of food had to be stored inside or it could even have been used to store work tools.


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