Gata City Council has joined Ecovidrio’s “Recycle glass for them” campaign on the occasion of World Breast Cancer Day. Over the next few weeks, 2 pink igloos will be located in Plaza de España to collect as many glass containers as possible. Ecovidrio will transform this glass deposited in the containers into a donation to the Sandra Ibarra Foundation for Solidarity Against Cancer.

Ecovidrio, the non-profit organization responsible for the management of the recycling of glass packaging waste in Spain, launches for the fifth consecutive year the campaign “Recycle glass for them”. An initiative that aims to mobilize citizens to recycle glass containers to care for the environment and thus contribute to a charitable cause: the prevention of breast cancer.
According to the latest data for 2019, the inhabitants of Gata de Gorgos recycled a total of 122 tons of glass containers, which means that each inhabitant recycled an average of 20.3 kg. Regarding the rate of containers, Gata is located with an average of 148 inhabitants per container, with a total of 41 igloos for the waste of glass containers installed.


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